The hoardings are up!

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Peel Precinct

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The Luck of Where You Land

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Merle’s Diner

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South Kilburn Speaks Event @ Workshop 24, 5th March

Here are some photos taken at the event at Workshop 24 on 5th March. It was a fantastic afternoon that highlighted the incredible range of talent in South Kilburn. The audience was treated to songs, poems and lyrics written during the project, before artist Andy Edwards unveiled designs for the artworks.

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South Kilburn is many languages and cultures

I’ve been working with the ESOL classes at the BACES Carlton Vale Centre asking them for impressions of South Kilburn in their own languages. It’s been very exciting to discover how many different tongues are spoken in the area and how people have come from all over the world to make this part of London their home. Here’s a poem I’ve written inspired by the students and examples of their work can be seen in the posts below. Many thanks to all those who contributed and to the BACES Carlton Vale Centre.

By Aoife Mannix

South Kilburn is flowers from Kosovo
unfurling peace and kindness even though
the night holds midnight whistlers calling
each other like sorrowful, solitary magpies.
These strange birds she never saw back
in Somalia though the caf├ęs smell like home.
Eritrean excellence. She dreams in the language
of tigers. One night in Bangkok, a longing
for Moroccan mystery, the patient Persian
whispering of hopeful children mixing Urdu,
Tigrinya, Arabic, Portuguese, Farsi, Punjabi.
Their rich green vowels tiny seeds planted
in nostalgic cement that spells out
the low humming traffic song of a better future.

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South Kilburn Is

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